Sling Library


 The sling library runs on 1st Tuesday of the month at Woodbridge Youth Centre, The Avenue, IP12 4BA. 10.30am – 12.30pm (it runs at the same time as Daisy Foundation baby classes so come through the hall and find us in the kitchen)

Slings available to hire at £10 per month. Slings suitable from newborn to pre-schooler.

aims to assist parents in finding the ideal sling for their needs and to learn the skill of using it safely and comfortably. With over 60 different types of sling available and a number of ways of getting support and information, I aim to be able to help as many parents as possible to carry their babies, whether it is full time or once in a while.

The sling library meets are informal and often busy so not conducive to in depth help. There are now workshops available run before the library session or you can book a private, in depth consultation.

I love to help with information or troubleshooting tips when I can, and this is given on a voluntary basis. However, in an effort to help as many parents as possible to access help and information we now run a Pay it Forward Scheme. If you have received help with a sling you own, or just had some information but not hired a sling, please feel free to leave a donation which will be used to allow parents, who may otherwise not be in a position to , to hire a sling or use in part payment towards a consult.

Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions of hire. (Many thanks to Emily Williamson from South London Sling Library for T&C’s).

 The contents of the sling library are as follows: 


  • Bara Barn
  • Didymos
  • EasyCare
  • Ellaroo x 2
  • Elleville Zara
  • Hoppediz
  • Miele and Malice
  • Natibaby
  • Neobulle

Stretchy Wraps

  • Kari-Me
  • Moby x 2
  • Sa-Be
  • Hoppediz
  • Hanababy

Mei Tai

  • DidyTai
  • Freehand
  • Hop-Tye
  • Joey Sling
  • Napsack Baby
  • Sugar Spice Baby
  • Toddler Hawk
  • Ellaroo

Soft Structured Carriers

  • ErgoBaby Original
  • Olives and Applesauce
  • Patapum
  • Sleepy Nico
  • Action Baby Carrier (Baby)
  • Action Baby Carrier (Toddler)
  • Caboo dx
  • Manduca

Half Buckles

  • Bondolino
  • Softai
  • Storchenwiege Baby Carrier
  • Wilkinet

Pouch Slings

  • Baba Sling
  • Lifft Sling (sizes 3 & 4)

Ring Slings

  • Bundle With Love
  • DidySlings Size 1 Hotdog Shoulder
  • DidySlings Size 2 Gathered Shoulder
  • Freedom Slings Padded
  • Hoppediz
  • Pouchlings
  • Comfy Joey
  • Comfy Joey Water Sling


  • EmeiBaby Carrier
  • Close Caboo
  • Tricotti
Hip Carriers
  • Scootababy
  • Ellaroo Hip Carrier
  • Suppori

Toy Slings

  • Mini Moby
  • Storchenwiege



We have been very lucky to have had some generous donations of free slings from the following companies:

We have also had some very generous personal donations.


Wrap Samples

There are many different colourways and patterns availble in wraps – it would be more or less impossible to have one of each sling in the library so what Iwe are working on is having a sample of each type so you can see the patterns in real life and be able to compare thickness and softness of each design. This is a work in progress but the samples we have to view at the moment are:

Didymos – gold/turquoise Ellipsen , Till, Stnadard Blue, Standard Red, Katja, Simon, Lisa, Auguri Gemelli and Blue Nino.

For full terms and conditions of hire please contact Rosie.