Nurtured Professionals

A  Birth Art Cafe session just for all of you who work in the baby business in Suffolk.

Birth Art Cafe

Birth Art Cafe

Birth Art Cafe can help:


 Process emotions – it can be easy for us to get drowned under other peoples emotions and issues and feel overwhelmed

Can help with processing emotions that are brought up from your own birth or motherhood journey

Can give you a safe,non-judgmental space to process these emotions

By releasing and processing these emotions can help you be better able to support the mums in your classes

Gives you time and space to relax, reflect and nurture yourself

Gives you a chance to meet others working locally in this field

This will be at a reduced rate of £8 per session as I feel it will be of great benefit to all of you and want to make it as accessible as possible.

The date for the initial one will be 11th April 10am -12pm – all materials provided. 

If you would like to book please fill in the booking form found here