Foot Sense

P1040896Parent and Child Workshop

Healthy foot development is incredibly important. Helping your child develop strong, flexible feet will help to prevent common issues such as bunions and hammer toes, but also knee, hip and back pain as they get older. Getting barefoot is also important for balance, co-ordination and cognitive development.

This workshop takes you, as a family, through an exciting discovery of what your feet can do and encouragement to try more barefoot fun.

It is important to walk on as many different terrains and textures as possible to help with this development, our Sensory Footpath is very popular with adults and children alike.

A chance to explore your feet!

Feet are incredibly important and tend to be neglected. This fun workshop includes our amazing

Sensory Footpath – explore different textures and terrains.

Foot Games – how flexible are your feet? Can you pick things up, pass things to each other, draw and write, play an instrument?

Shoes and feet – why correct fitting shoes are important – simple ideas to check your shoes fit.

Learn some amazing Fun Foot Facts

Suitable for children of all ages from toddlers up – parent participation is essential!

Numbers strictly limited so book now – contact to book

Feedback from our last Foot Sense course

“thought provoking and educational”
“Loved the hands on (feet on?) approach – lots of little challenges so M didn’t get bored”

£6 per adult/child pair – £2 for additional children

Foot Sense classes are currently only held in Cochester for Home Education Families only.

If you are interested in having a Foot Sense workshop run for your toddler group, school or other group please email for prices and availability.