Aligned Pregnancy

Are you suffering common pregnancy issues that are making life uncomfortable or preventing you from being as active as you’d like?

Or have you suffered in previous pregnancies and would like this one to be different?

This 6 week course will help you understand your body better, how it works, why you are getting pregnancy pains and go through simple, gentle yet effective exercises to restore your strength and freedom of movement.

Healthy Pregnancy from the feet up

What is alignment, why does it matter and how can you correct yours to have a pain free pregnancy?

My Healthy Pregnancy form the Feet Up course will help you discover why you are suffering and give you simple exercises to restore you to a pain free body so you can carry on with regular exercise to keep you fit for birth. The knock on effect is that your baby will be able to get into the optimal position for birth and for you to recover postnatally.

This course is generally run as a 4 week group course but will also soon be available online.


Pregnancy and postpartum issues are linked to too tight and  over weak muscles which are not supporting joints and ligaments properly. These would have been around before you were pregnant and become more apparent during your pregnancy.

The mixture of overused and underused muscles can have a huge impact on how your pregnancy progresses, how your labour progresses (as it has can impact whether your baby is able to achieve optimal position, how effective your contractions are and whether your muscles are able to stretch as they need to), your recovery postpartum and even have an impact on your baby.

Aligned Pregnancy course is not just a case of giving you restorative exercises, but shows you how to asses your own body alignment to work out why you are having the issues  so you can truly understand what the exercises are doing to help you.

Aligned Pregnancy is more than just a weekly exercise class but brings awareness to how you move (or don’t move) during daily life – we are not meant to be static beings and much of our tightness and weakness is due to our lack of movement. By being more aware of how you stand, sit, walk, lift, carry and all those other things you do day to day you can take the body awareness you have learnt and apply it to your whole lifestyle. Ensuring you are preparing for your birth effectively every single day.

We start with the foot as we have to start somewhere and the foot is a great indicator of alignment issues within the body, from bunions, hammer toes, corns and callouses to the direction the foot is pointing and dropped arches. All of these can show what corrections are needed and why you are suffering the pain you are. (we also touch on why bunions are not hereditary)

On top of this you can prevent or reduce common pregnancy and postpartum issues so you can enjoy this amazing period of your life and be able to participate in normal life without pain.

During this 6 week course we will cover:

  • Understanding how your daily postural habits affect you during pregnancy
  • Understanding how a sedentary lifestyle impacts on your labour and birth
  • Why movement is more important than exercise
  • Understanding alignment
  • Pelvis anatomy and how this relates to your whole body alignment 
  • Understand how the body works as a whole and needs to be treated as a whole
  • Changes in your body during pregnancy
  • How to asses your own alignment
  • Restorative exercises to help strengthen weak muscles and release tight muscles
  • Daily exercises to help your baby into an optimal position for birth
  • How alignment issues can affect how your body, your baby, your labour and your postpartum recovery
  • Why common pregnancy and postpartum ailments are not natural
  • How to squat properly (and why it’s so hard for us) and issues with squatting incorrectly
  • Rebozo, relaxation and breathing techniques to help prevent and reduce pregnancy ailments

 Suitable for all pregnant women as the exercises are gentle and at all stages of postpartum (after 6 week check or given the ok after a cesarean birth)

Course cost £60 (6 week course)