Dancing for Birth classes



An exciting new Prenatal fitness and childbirth education fusion class

Re-imagine Birth:

What if you could harness gravity to your advantage during labor?


How much more effective will birth be when you utilize the pushing position that as much as doubles the size of your pelvic outlet for ease of birth?


How would your birth plans change if you knew how to move your body in order to correct your baby’s breech or posterior position?


Dancing For Birth™ Founder, leading birth expert Stephanie Larson, has innovated an effective new way to birth that makes all this possible. Join a weekly Dancing For Birth™ class now and gain support that extends all the way through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. With each class you’ll learn techniques that support a safer, easier birth, and you’ll increase your confidence for empowered, enjoyable birth and mothering.

Learn about birth while preparing physically and emotionally for a great birth 11694117_1025856224091774_8126441885239012386_nexperience.  Dancing For Birth™ classes fuse birth wisdom with prenatal/postpartum dance fitness so when your day to birth arrives you are strong, instinctive and ready.  This interactive class allows you to practice movements, techniques and positions that will aid your birth process.  You’ll also begin to awaken your birth instincts, have your questions answered and enjoy the company of other expectant and new mothers.

Dancing For Birth™ class is the “trifecta” of birth preparation: feel-good prenatal fitness, essential birth education, and celebration of pregnancy and birth, all rolled into one profound & powerful class that supports you at every stage, from pre-conception through postpartum. Each signature move and technique is designed to guide your baby into the optimal fetal position, and enable you to effectively work with your baby and your body for a birth experience you’ll love. Discover the keys to activating your birth instincts for a safer, easier birth! After you give birth, come full circle and wear your baby to class for postpartum fitness, parenting education and bonding with your baby.

Dance is something that you can take into the labour room with you, women have a natural compulsion to move and sway during labour and inbetween contractions and an upright or leaning forward position can make birthing much easier. If you have been practicing, building up strength and taking advantage of muscle memory techniques it becomes second nature.

10433939_834206783256720_4349113278189324695_nNot just an exercise class, Dancing for Birth classes give you time for relaxation, to make friends, to learn about how your body moves during birth, as well as comfort techniques that can help relieve pregnancy aches and pains.

No dance experience necessary, the classes are not about doing the dances ‘right’ but about interpreting the moves for yourself and doing what feels right for you, just as you would during labour.

The classes are FUN, inspiring and give you the chance to enjoy and celebrate your changing body.

Each class is 90 minutes long and has time for sharing, inspiring and supporting each other. Classes weekly on a Wednsesday evening.

£10 for a drop in session, £45 for 5 sessions £85 for 10 sessions

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Classes run in Ipswich on a Wednesday 7-8.30pm Alpha Business Park, Unit 11, Whitehouse Road IP1 5LT


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