I run my classes and workshops from my home in the heart of Suffolk and venues in Woodbridge and Ipswich.

I am a mother of two and found both my pregnancies, labours, births and subsequent journey into motherhood have been a time of great learning and personal growth.

My journey has taken me along a more natural/gentle parenting direction and I have loved discovering how nature intended us to nurture our babies, how to lead a more natural lifestyle and having grounbreaking ‘AHA’ moments (of course all interspersed with the usual, tears, frustration and guilt of never feeling ‘good enough’).

I believe a mother’s best tool is her instinct, by going with her ‘gut feeling’ is usually the best way for her and her baby. But it is also really important to have a circle of like-minded people around to offer support and share experiences and information.

With Nature and Nurture I aim to offer a place to learn, grow, share experiences and gain support.

I hope to meet you soon.